Show Reminders


TO ALL YOUTH PARTICIPANTS: “For horse show purposes, the age of an individual on the first day of the point year shall be maintained throughout the entire point year. Youth Point year June 1 to May 31".


If you are planning at showing in the Amateur and/or Non Pro classes at NCHA events, you need to have an Amateur status to show in Amateur classes and a Non Pro status to show in Non Pro classes. Your current status is printed on your NCHA card above the expiration date. Please be sure you have the correct status before you show.


Class Order

 Open /SWT

 Non-Pro / SWT

 $50,000 Amateur / SWT

 $15,000 Novice Horse / SWT

 $15,000 Novice Horse Non-Pro / SWT

 $5,000 Novice Horse / SWT

 $5,000 Novice Horse Non-Pro / SWT

 $35,000 Non-Pro / SWT

 Youth 

 $15,000 Amateur / SWT

 $2,000 Limit Rider / SWT

 Select Non-Pro/Amateur /SWT

 $1,000 Amateur

Note: class order may change due to insufficient entries




2024 Show Schedule




May 18-19


June 8-9

Rex Cook Memorial Cutting




July 26-28





August 10-11

Don Taylor Memorial Cutting

Bohnsack Ranch


August 24-25


Bismarck or other



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